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NOVA POS was designed to solve all your Retail challenges


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POS system for Retail Businesses of
All Shape and Size

Cart/Kiosk POS

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Fragrance/ Cosmetics POS

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Skin Care POS

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Clothing/ Accessories POS

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Nova is a full-service technology platform designed to generate revenue for retail businesses.
Nova was built for you, whether you have a small business or are
about to open your hundredth retail location.

Fully Integrated Solution

Nova and Worldpay can help you maintain smooth and secure operations with a POS system tailored to the needs of your Retail business.


Support All Payment Methods


We are Here to Assist

We know that time is a valuable source for Retailers. Therefore we offer omni-channel customer support 24/7 with fast, accurate, and personal responses.


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Gain more insights with your NOVA by using our open API to integrate with any other platform


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