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The Art of the Cross-Sell: Making Customers Happy to Spend More

Posted by Crystol Hilliard on May 3, 2019 8:00:15 AM

Picture this: you’re at the beach on a scorching hot day. You walk a long way down the beach to a vendor and get your favorite cold drink. As you are being served, the girl behind the counter asks if you would like some fries too. Suddenly, you realize that you are hungry. Those fries […]

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Employee Scorecards: Simple Ways to Improve Retail Employee Performance

Posted by Crystol Hilliard on Apr 30, 2019 9:15:33 PM

Mary was getting close. She could see the finish line in the distance. Lungs burning, body shaking, she wanted to stop. Pausing for a breath, she heard her husband and kids yelling to keep going. Instead of stopping, as her aching legs insisted, she kept going. An hour later she staggered past the finish line, […]

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Loss Prevention and Chargebacks: What You Need to Know.

Posted by Crystol Hilliard on Apr 30, 2019 7:03:31 PM

The credit card fraud sharks are circling, ready to take a nasty bite out of your hard earned profits in the form of fraudulent chargebacks. Chargebacks (disputed credit card charges), which were originally designed to protect consumers from unauthorized credit card charges, have become a bigger issue in recent years. According to Juniper Research, a […]

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