Finding Discount Items for Resale

Posted by Lydia Pine on Apr 26, 2019 10:08:54 AM

Saving money while purchasing inventory can help boost your ROI. The ability to buy low and sell low ensures your customers are getting the best price, which will create more return business. Retail can be a fun and rewarding business endeavor if you follow a few guidelines for stocking your business. A good way to save money on inventory is reselling wholesale products. So, let’s explore these topics further.

Finding Products

Choosing the right items for your retail business should be a fun process. When researching items, you should take in to account the demand and uniqueness of an item. Find items that sell well. Going directly to manufactures of your chosen product is an ideal option, as you usually can get the best deal this way.

Other great locations to get your goods are online from distributors, liquidators and trade shows. Once you decide on a vendor for your products make sure they offer quality products, warranties where applicable, and are dependable.

Pricing Inventory

When pricing your inventory, you want to take into account your mark-up price. Since you’ve purchased items wholesale to pay less than the going rate you want to make certain you are making a substantial profit. Mark-ups are what you do when getting your items ready for reselling. According to Indie Retail Academy, “to get a retail price, you should multiply the wholesale price by at least two. This markup helps you cover costs such as rent, electricity, point-of-sale equipment, taxes, employee wages, property maintenance, office supplies, and other business expenses.”

Managing Your Retail Business

With the right POS system for your retail business, you will be able to easily manage your business efficiently, which helps reduce overhead and not cut into your profit. Some of the best POS systems on the market today allow you to collect customer data making it easier to email past clients and offer loyalty programs as incentives for frequent buyers.

Inventory management is essential for product consistency. Keeping track of business affairs such as profit and loss reports are vital for reporting taxes. If you’re looking for a POS system, Nova is the best POS for a variety of retail businesses. With automated bookkeeping and inventory, you can focus more on the important things like making sales.

By following a few easy guidelines your retail business will be a rewarding experience. There may be snags for you in the beginning stages of your new business. Things like choosing unpopular items to sell will be frustrating but being adaptable and learning from your mistakes will help you to succeed in your new business endeavor. With some tactful research and the right tools retail can be a lucrative long-term business!

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