Popular Items to Sell at Your Mall Kiosk

Posted by Lydia Pine on Apr 19, 2019 2:22:31 AM

There are thousands of items that you could sell at your mall kiosk – that’s the beauty of it, right? With so much to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of popular items that seem to fly off of shelves and are consistently top sellers.

    From screen printing to heat transfer vinyl, there are many options available for you to create custom t-shirts. Buying plain t-shirts through wholesalers is very cost efficient and learning to do transfers on site is pretty simple. Personalization is the fastest growing demand in retail and is a great way to attract business and grow profits!
    With the many options of jewelry you are sure to catch the eye of passing consumers. You can offer high end gold and silver options or trending costume jewelry.

    Choose from multiple perfume brands or carry a specific brand. There are even some kiosks that have perfume bars where customers can build their own fragrance.

    Cell phones and accessories, drones, virtual reality headsets and other tech related products are consistently top sellers.

    Offering the latest makeup trends and skin care are great cosmetic ideas. If you are skilled in doing makeovers you could offer this service as well.

    Having a selection of unique hair accessories or wigs and extensions as a stand alone or partnered with a selection of cosmetics is a great way to attract business. The ladies rarely travel alone!
    Seasonal accessories such as sunglasses and scarves always fly off of the shelf!

By being observant and researching a little you are able to get an idea of where to place your kiosk and who tends to frequent that area. This can help you decide what to offer and how to present it. If your area has a large teen presence, you may want to offer tech related products or cosmetics. It may be beneficial to your business to partner products like tech and cosmetics at one kiosk or maybe sunglasses and jewelry. More options = more sales.

Be creative and daring. Unique and hard to find items will catch more eyes and bring more traffic. Also, be sure you are not offering the same products as other kiosks nearby. Remember to do your research and know your target market – following these guidelines will help make your kiosk successful.

Once you’ve nailed down your product and sales strategy, day-to-day management of your retail kiosk needs to be made as efficient and secure as possible. You can streamline your management with POS software designed specifically for kiosk retailers. There are many POS systems out there, but kiosk retailers need technology that is both efficient and affordable. With Nova Point-of-Sale, you can manage pricing and negotiations, commissions, and receive alerts on the go. Click here to learn more about the features of Nova Point-of-Sale.

Happy selling!

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