5 Ideas That Will Make Your Retail Mall Kiosk Business Stand Out

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You automatically have a number of advantages with a mall kiosk retail location. You’re right in the middle of foot traffic. Nobody has to enter a store. They walk right past you and hopefully stop to browse and buy.

You also have a lot less space than a full sized retail location. This enables you to tightly focus your product niche. Instead of being a big store that offers a great many products that most people want, like, and need a little bit; you offer a niche some people absolutely love and can’t do without.

Here are some quick ideas to help your mall kiosk get noticed, make more sales, and create more robust profits.

1. Make sure your presentation makes it clear what you are selling and what niche you fit into.
Being focused is much more effective than being too general. If casual shoppers can take one brief look and say “they sell sunglasses” or “they sell men’s ties” or “they sell women’s ear rings,” then you know you’re going to stand out for shoppers. When consumers aren’t sure what you are selling, they tend to ignore you and walk by rather than stop to find out.

2. Provide enthusiastic, ultra friendly customer service.
Customers love seeing a high energy sales person work. If the passerby hears a cheerful voice and an energetic sales person explaining a product, the consumer will be far more likely to notice and stop to learn more.

3.Location, location, location.
Have your kiosk located in a busy part of the mall. If you’re stuck down in the dead area where few people go, your kiosk won’t do much business. By contrast, a kiosk in a busy area filled with foot traffic will automatically generate more business. Several engaged customers gathered around your kiosk will automatically make others want to stop and see what all the excitement is about.

Learn more about these specific techniques here: https://goo.gl/H7twJ0

4. Be flashy! Kiosks should almost always be flashier with fancier decor than surrounding stores. This gives you an air of excitement and importance. Your livelier decor will turn eyes away from big name stores and toward your kiosk. If allowed, play music that matches the style and theme of your kiosk. Have video that provides even more sensory stimulation for customers to notice and enjoy.

5. Go deep. You may only sell sunglasses, but stock a LOT of different styles.
Larger stores are going to carry a wide variety of items but only a few models of an item. You, by contrast, can just carry one item, but present 70 different styles. When a customer wants a specific look, capability, or solution, your kiosk may be the only store in town that carries it.

See this tip and more here: https://goo.gl/9SjYc7

By all means, your retail mall kiosk needs an excellent Point of Sale system. You should accept all major forms of payment and be able to process payments very quickly. Kiosks often specialize in impulse buys. Having a fast and easy POS system can make a big difference in sales.

You can also get full access to a mountain of reports and statistics via your POS. These will help you manage your employees for maximum efficiency. You also know which of your products are red hot and which need to be promoted or moved.

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