Powerful Features to Supercharge
your Retail Business


Sales Management

Produce more revenue by keeping your staff motivated and working hard!  The more productive they are, the more money you’ll make.

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Employee Scorecards

Keep a pulse on who’s performing, and who’s not.

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Real-Time Dashboard

Never lose control of your business—view up-to-the-minute stats on every transaction.

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Controlled Negotiation

Train your team to upsell by using the “spare”.

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Employees Motivation Tools

Motivate your team and increase sales with a built-in competition.


Manage, analyze and understand every aspect of your income and expenses. Spend more time generating sales or opening up that new shop you’ve been dreaming about, and less time behind the computer.

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Profit & Loss Report

P&L reports keep you in control. Always know exactly where you stand.

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Understand every aspect of your business with customizable reports

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Price lists

Sell the same items with different prices across locations.

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Expense Management

A simple way to track & analyze your expenses.



Loss Prevention Specialty

Nova helps you uphold a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to honesty. Keep a pulse on your staff and inventory 24/7, and ensure that you win chargebacks every time so that you don’t lose profit.

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Chargeback & Signature

Customer signatures are digitized and kept on file for easy chargeback handling.

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Minimum Price Restrictions

Control your profits by setting restrictions on each item.

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Live Webcam Monitoring

Monitor your staff, shipments and deliveries in real-time from one screen.

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Custom Access Levels

Govern your employees’ access within Nova to specify which features they are allowed to use.

Operations Management

Operate your retail business efficiently and effectively so that you can maximize growth. Innovation, automation and evaluation will keep things running smoothly.

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Inventory Management

Generate automatic inventory reports & receive notifications when you’re running low.

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Location Analytics

Keep your business organized across multiple locations.

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Layaways are easier than ever.

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Wholesale Purchase Order

Submit orders with a click of a button.



Customer Relations Management

Increase sales by building repeat business with
Nova’s easy-to-use marketing tools.

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Loyalty Program

Reward your frequent shoppers with gift cards.

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Email Campaigns

Send marketing messages directly to your customers.

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Receipts, business cards and gift cards printed with your company’s logo.

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Know Your Customers

Create a customer database by collecting and organizing data.

Nova On-The-Go

Keep an eye on your business wherever you
are using Nova's mobile app.

Nova Alert

Nova Alerts

Keep a tab on the functioning of your business in your absence.

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Salary Access

Staff can check their salary anytime, anywhere.

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Employee Scheduling

Easy, accurate scheduling has never been easier!

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Inventory Management

Generate automatic inventory reports and receive notifications when you’re running low.




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