6 Sales Tactics You’ve Never Thought About

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No matter how much you are selling now, it’s always good to sell more. Right?
That is especially true if you’re selling products and have a good supply on hand when sales double or triple.

Normally increasing sales 10% would be fantastic. But by using a few proven sales methods you may be able to boost sales an additional 25% to 50%.
It’s really that easy!

During our work talking with retail managers and owners about Point of Sale services and equipment, we took the opportunity to ask them about their best sales tactics.

Here are the top 6 including some we didn’t know about before.

1. Learn something new every day.
When talking with customers, you meet all kinds of people from every kind of background. The more you know about the world in general, the better you will be able to relate to their world and their concerns.

Ever talk with a sales person who just seemed to understand you? That’s probably because they were a daily learner. The sales person listened to you, then started a conversation based on her understanding of your point of view. It’s hard to say NO when a sales person does that.

2. Overcome your fear of rejection.
If you hesitate before approaching a customer or prospect, fear of rejection is playing a role in your selling process. For experienced sales people, that can often take the form of rejecting the customer based on passed experience.
It could be because the customer is too old, too young, probably wouldn’t like the product, not the right lifestyle, or doesn’t look like they have enough money.

That is why inexperienced sales people often outsell everyone on the team in the beginning. They haven’t yet learned which customers to avoid. Instead,
they sell to EVERYONE without letting fear of rejection get in the way.

3. Let your enthusiasm show.
The ancient Greeks considered enthusiasm to be a gift from the gods. It allowed a person to accomplish just about anything, to influence others, and to live a more satisfying and successful life.

There is no question we like to follow the lead of a person who possesses lots of enthusiasm. When you are truly enthusiastic about your product, customers catch that enthusiasm. Your attitude make them want to buy so they too can have your enthusiasm.

4. Start every conversation with a positive comment.
This has been proven by researchers to increase sales substantially.
Simply say “Is it still beautiful outside? It was so nice and sunny when I
came in this morning.”

Starting your interaction with something pleasant and positive puts customers in an equally positive mood. From that point forward the sales process is usually much easier.

Try the positive comment open on a consistent basis and watch your sales improve.

5. Use superlatives.
Say the product is “the best we’ve found,” “incredibly well made,” “super durable,” “the cutest of what’s new,” and “by far the biggest in its class.”

Everybody likes to buy and own the very best. Point out why the product’s advantages are tops. Even though it may not be the very best, it’s probably the best in that price range, in that color, or with that style.

6. Don’t sit down.
For most industries, you will sell more if you stand up. This gives your conversation more energy and immediacy.

Try these 6 sales tactics and watch your sales improve.
Even using one favorite can make a substantial difference in your team’s numbers.

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