Earn More Money with a Gift Card Program!

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It’s a common scenario: a new employee is working at your business and a potential customer asks about the price of a particular item.  If the customer is satisfied with the price of the item, the sale can proceed.  But what happens when the customer is not happy with the price?

If the salesperson is seasoned, they know that now is the time to push! But I’d like to introduce an amazing tool that can help to keep money inside your cash drawer and bring your clients back for more.

If an item is marked $99 with a minimum price of $79, you have $20 spare to play with.  Of course we want you to keep the $20 potential discount inside your cash drawer.  The salesperson can offer a 10% discount to help close the sale, bringing the sale price to $89, still leaving a $10 spare. Let’s put that money to good use by offering a gift card to the client.

The customer benefits by purchasing the item at a discounted price, but also receives a gift card.  This client gains value because they have not only already shopped once at your business, but they are also providing their information to return again.

The benefit to you is that there is nothing at your kiosk or store for $10, so they will naturally spend more money at your business, or they’ll give that card to a friend and tell them about their great shopping experience with you.

And the best part of this?  These cards print from the same receipt paper built into the Nova Point of Sale software and costs you nothing but the paper itself.

You should implement and push your employees to use this simple, effective concept to generate more revenue, avoid discounting, and promote additional sales from your clients!  Remember, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it – be inspired!

Making Gift Cards in NOVA POS:

1.  On the sales screen, press “gift cards” (located on the bottom right)
2. Choose “Sell Gift Card”
3. Enter gift card value and gift card price and press “add”
4. Gift card will print at the end of sale with unique code

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