Make Your Mall Kiosk Stand Out from the Rest

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So, you’re making the plunge into the kiosk retail business. You have thought long and hard weighing the odds of how a mall kiosk would be more profitable than a brick and mortar and you have decided “Yes, a mall kiosk retail store is best for me!” But how do you make your kiosk stand out from the rest?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Decide on unique merchandise to offer at your kiosk. Remember there is competition among mall kiosk businesses. Offering a product that is different than the rest will give your business an advantage. Also, know when to change. If your product is not bringing in the ROI you envision it’s okay to switch up your merchandise, just make sure your kiosk will be able to display your product properly.

Before you order your kiosk its best to make a diagram. A custom-created kiosk cart can really help streamline your kiosk business and make it shine next to others. Drawing an outline of the features your business needs such as size, storage, and space, to function successfully, will help clarify your needs to the kiosk creator.

“Something like 80% of business decisions have a location element. In fact, it’s probably higher than that.” Jack Dangermond

Next, choose your location. Find areas of the mall that are busy on a regular basis. Decide which nearby mall retail stores will complement your products and piggy-back off their high-traffic.

Once you have ordered your mall kiosk and are ready for set up refer to the diagram you created, but be flexible, now that you have all of the components you need to start making sales, you will want to make sure your display is a work of art. Arrange your items in an eye-catching manner, do not overcrowd with too many items. Engagement with your customers will help you decide which product is best for them and with the extra storage space you opted for you will be able to provide them with multiple options.

Provide a unique customer experience

Leave your drama at the door, so to speak. Once you clock in it is time to shine customers are shopping to feel good about themselves and their purchases. The last thing they want is a negative experience with a sales person because they are having a bad day. It’s kind of like being a performer. As a salesperson, it is your job to not only provide a great product but also a unique experience. And you wouldn’t want that experience tainted with a sub-par final transaction. A state-of-the-art POS system should offer features such as sales operation and customer relations management.

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