Tips for Providing a Better Customer Experience

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Customer service and referrals go hand-in-hand. You must provide a great customer experience if you expect to get repeat customers and new customers. Here are 5 tips for providing a great customer experience.

Tip 1. Have good transaction equipment.

If your employees don’t understand your current POS system or struggle during the final sale transaction. This could lead to a bad experience for the customer. Customers go to your kiosk for specific reasons and a quick transaction is one of them. When training your team on how to take transactions it is imperative that you as the trainer understand all the features of your machine. Having a POS system that offers 24/7 support is a great bonus when implementing a new system. Remember you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression.

 Tip 2. Hiring Good Staff

How a Mall Kiosk Offers Better Service Than Box Stores

Your staff is the face of your business. Inspire your current team to perform their best by using pos features such as Scorecards and Employee Motivation Tools. When interviewing new staff for your mall kiosk you want to make sure that they are energetic, knowledgeable about your products and have a willingness to learn and help others. A good practice for your kiosk business would be to send out an email to your employees letting them know what they can do to better improve the customer experience. You could create a list like this one or have your team come up with their own list of good practices to enhance customer satisfaction. An employee who can captivate customers and finalize sales will increase your ROI.

 Tip 3. Take Care of Your Customers

 Accept returns with a smile. If your Kiosk has a return policy, make sure all the employees are aware of this return policy. Most kiosk transactions are impulse buys. If the buyer knows they have the option to return their item if unsatisfied, they are much more likely to make the purchase. Be sure that the customer is aware of all your return policies. This will help with any confusion that could arise prior to the return.

 Tip 4. Use a Good CRM System

 Having a POS system that can record customer data will help when you want to reach out to your past customers. Re-market to past customers by offering loyalty programs to your frequent customers.

You could run email marketing campaigns that reach out to past customers and inform them of store discounts and newly available products that are like items they purchased in the past. According to cmswire, “ Customers who buy once have a 27% chance of making a second purchase. According to the research, the time someone has bought from you a fourth time, there’s a 59% chance they’ll return again.” Let’s not forget branding. A good Customer Relations Management system allows for easy branding, adding your logo to receipts, business cards, and gift cards. Branding your company will help customers remember who you are and where they shopped.

 Tip 5. Offer a Wide Variety of Product Options

 Here is where kiosk carts shine. The ability to have a niche product available in a variety of options is a plus. When your target market has the option to choose from multiple colors and designs, they are more likely to visit your site. By Specializing in specific products your employees are more knowledgeable and are able to advise customers thoroughly.

 With any business plan, customer retention should be a goal. Creating repeat customers helps your company improve its overall sales. If you’re in search of a system that includes all these POS features and more check out Nova your retail technology solution and grow your business.

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