5 Sorely Underrated Nova Features You Really Should Use in 2018

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With only a couple weeks left in 2017, it’s a time for retailers to finish out the final moments of the holiday rush and reflect on how the year went. While knowing the basics of your point of sale is vital for any business’ success, it’s hard to know all of the features a full-service system can provide. The fear that you might have missed out on a potentially game-changing feature that could have boosted your sales or improved your business’ operations is all too real. That’s why we’re here to help. Our team of managers sent in their picks for Nova’s most underrated features of 2017, determining the top five features you really should consider using next year.


What better way to spark your employee’s selling spirit than to get a little friendly competition going? Usually, organizing competitions between employees or locations can be difficult to track and manage, requiring owners or managers to track progress in their POS system then share the results elsewhere. With Nova, competitions can be set up directly in the system, tracking and presenting results throughout each business day. Employees can also view results in real time, helping to keep their competitive juices pumping throughout the day.


It’s one of those underapreciated features, especially with retailers who have larger pricetag items. Customers appreciate having choices when it comes to how they can pay for things, and layaway is an impressive option. Many retailers aren’t able to provide layaway because their technology doesn’t support it, but with Nova, your customers can enjoy your products without having to worry about emptying their wallet all at once. Enabling layaway and adjusting the settings to your business’ specific paramaters is only a few button clicks away.

Employee Payment Options

Don’t limit your employees to just standard payment options. Along with setting up a base salary for each employee, you can also enable commission options. Whether adding a flat commission or standard percentage-based comissions, adjusting employee payment options is simple in Nova.

Mobile App

If you didn’t know that Nova had a mobile app, then oh boy are you missing out. Nova’s mobile app helps owners and managers keep an eye on their business no matter where they are. From real-time sales updates to alerts on exchanges, refunds, completed layaways, and more, the app is an on-the-go owner’s best friend. Employees can also use the app to check their pay and view their schedule.

You can download the Nova mobile app from the App Store right now, absolutely free.

Detailed Reports

For those looking to take a real deep dive into their business in 2018, the detailed reports available in Nova is where you should focus. Viewing profit/loss reports, checking purchase order details, and comparing products or employees are just a sample of the reports that can be generated at any time. Digging into your business’ deeper data and analyzing the number regularly can help you figure out exactly what points of your business needs a little work, and where its really thriving. A list of reports and guides for each of them is availalable on Nova FAQ.

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