5 Tips That Helped Me Improve My Sales Performance

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I used to think that a sleepless night, or the amount of traffic on the way to work had a direct affect on my sales performance during the workday.
There were days when I felt I could sell hair products to a bald man, and days when I felt like I could not make a sale to save my life. I used to think that those outside influences would dictate the type of day I would have – but now I can certainly say that they’re not.

A good sales day is simply a function of taking advantage of situations.

Instead of just trying to sell my products, I started to really listen to my customers. I stopped treating their stories as disruptions to my ‘perfect’ sales speech, and began to engage my customers in an actual conversation.

I’d ask them leading questions and find real interest in what they’re saying,
so when the moment arrived – and it always arrived – I’d offer them the right product at the right time. Only then would the product really suit their needs and make them not only buy, but truly being happy with their purchase (and with me).

5 Tips that helped me maintain this state of mind around the workday:

1. Notice Your Body Language.
I always focus on restraining my exaggerated hand movements,
and not feeling embarrassed when keeping eye contact.

2. Understand Your Buyer.
I focus on the inner reasons that make customers choose one product over another. I’m sure that psychologists would be proud of some of the behavior analysis I’ve done at work.

3. Chill & Relax.
When i get to work, I take 10 minutes to myself before my day begins. I drink my regular cup(s) of coffee and embrace encouraging quotes from one of my favorite retail sites (www.retailtouchpoints.com | https://www.retaildive.com | https://www.retailadventuresblog.com).

4. Fake It Till You Make It.
It was a real struggle for me to transform into the ‘salesman’ character. As time progressed, I didn’t even have to remind myself to do it; it became natural and I was no longer acting.

5. Never Stop Learning.
Every day I pick up more and more professional knowledge. I’ve learned so much that many of my best sales techniques have become second nature – it’s just a matter of hard work.

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