You Are Not Just a Manager, You Are a Coach.

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Chances are as a manager you worked your way up into that position and had at one time or another experienced working under the supervision of a manager yourself. What were the things you would have changed in how your manager worked with you? One of the most beneficial ways to get more from your employees is to communicate and relate to them in the manner you personally appreciated before you became a manager yourself.

In retail especially, it is important for employees to remember at some point in their lives they themselves are consumers. Being able to relate to those you serve in the way you yourselves want to be treated is the key. That whole ‘do to others as you would have them do to you’ is not just the manner as people we should treat others, it should also become the goal of anyone who is in a leadership position such as a manager. It should also be the mantra of all employees in how they relate to and serve consumers.

After working in retail for a while I realized the impact it had when I began to treat consumers the way I myself expected to be treated by sales associates when I was in the position of being a customer. This same attitude taken when trying to motivate and encourage your employees will result in creating happier employees, and happy employees are much more productive and better at their jobs than those who are miserable or feel as if they are not valued.

Companies such as Google, Disney and Starbucks just to name a few are considered some of the most admired business to work for and this is not an accident. The main thing each of these companies has in common is they have motivated employees who truly enjoy their jobs. They feel this way because they feel valued by the companies they work for. Their jobs become more than just a means to provide an income.

You are not just a manager; you are a coach, so coach for success. Pay attention to the work people do, show them how to be better when and if it’s needed and give clear and encouraging feedback. Doing this daily goes a lot farther than waiting for their yearly review. A motivated employee will give more to their employer because they know they are valued by the company they work for.

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