Closing the Impulsive Shopper this Holiday Season

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We’re only three days away from the biggest shopping day of the year! Malls are going to be busier than ever with holiday shoppers, and you’re prepared for high sales volume. But, are you prepared to maximize your sales revenue by closing each and every impulsive shopper that passes by?

The key to success in the specialty retail industry is understanding that we are mainly selling to impulsive shoppers, and impulsive shoppers should be approached using a different method than a typical shopper.

Let’s understand the characteristics of an impulsive shopper:

  • They are always in a rush–coming from somewhere or headed someplace else
  • They didn’t plan on buying anything
  • We don’t know what the customer is shopping for, what their budget is, what they know about our product or their shopping behavior (online shopper or impulsive shopper?)
  • At first, the shopper might be hesitant or even fearful to communicate
  • They are easily distracted because they are looking for an excuse to avoid an unplanned purchase
  • They have a higher rate of returns/exchanges due to feelings of buyer’s remorse

The Right Approach.

Take advantage of the different human senses by using different body language tactics with the intention of attracting the client to you. Sound, sight, taste and touch all play a part in getting the impulsive shopper’s attention.

Attract and invite the customer to follow you, leading them elegantly. There is no need to call and harrass them–no need for “Señora!” or, “Sir! Let me show you something amazing!” We are not trying to sell them–we’re trying to stop them… stay cool!

Make the Customer Want the Product.

Using questions will help you control the conversation and lead the customer to the state of mind you want them to be in. Eliminating rejections, self-selling and collecting information will transition the impulsive shopper’s mindset from Unfamiliar to Sold.

Closing the deal.

When you sense that the customer wants the product, it’s time to close the sale. Immediately take the product to the register, present an opportunity in order to create urgency and trigger the inner impulsive shopper. Rejections are very common in the first closing attempt, so be prepared with a response.

Being in front of the register when you attempt to close the sale is a key strategy in the closing process. Download the guide to learn why.

Learning how to invite the client for a demonstration, successfully eliminating common rejections and closing the sale will ensure that you maximize every opportunity this holiday season.

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