How to Draw a Crowd on Black Friday

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The busiest shopping day of the year is only a week away! Sure, you’re ready for the hustle and bustle, but are you prepared to maximize the opportunity? Instead of being just another stop along the way, attract more customers to your kiosk by being the hottest place to shop on Black Friday. Here’s how to draw a crowd on Black Friday so that you can make more sales than ever:

Offer the best deals.

Customers who are shopping on Black Friday expect a great deal. Set yourself apart from the competition by creating not just a discount, but the best deal. Use Nova’s negotiated sales features to offer your customers a deal they cannot refuse.

Engage with your shoppers.

Go above and beyond the typical customer conversations, and get your sales team to interact with each and every customer. Make the experience so much fun and so engaging that people nearby want to come to your kiosk to see what’s happening. Get creative to set yourself apart from the competition! Just be sure to check with mall management to make sure your fun ideas aren’t in violation of any rules.

Keep Customers Coming Back.

Keep in mind that most Black Friday shoppers will be out shopping all day. Use this to your advantage by offering a special incentive for them to come back later in the day with a friend or family member. Have you ever heard of Starbucks’ “Treat Receipt”? Essentially, the idea is that if you buy a coffee in the morning, you get a free pastry if you return later that afternoon. This is a great example of how you can get your customers to come back and shop some more!

This year, Black Friday could be even more successful that you think! Drawing a crowd is the first step to more sales revenue. For more tips on how you can have more success throughout the entire holiday season, download our free guide, “8 Tips for Success This Holiday Season”.

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