Do You Really Need Tech That Understands Negotiations and Commissions?

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When it comes to small businesses, it can be difficult to know what technology upgrades are really going to help boost business and which are just packed with features that are nice, but not must-haves. Making a sale is important, obviously, but if your business is based off of negotiable pricing or if your employees can earn commission, it might be difficult to determine whether its really worth it to set your business up with technology that understands those sales tactics.

So does having business technology that understands negotiable pricing and commission-based pay really make that much of a difference? Yes. Yes it does.

I Have Negotiable Pricing, But I Just Use a Cash Drawer

While cash drawers are great for organizing and keeping cash, they’re not really great for anything else. Determining what products sell closest to list price or which only sell with a substantial price cut is essentially impossible. Even worse, there’s no way for owners or managers to set and enforce an absolute minimum price for any product. There’s little to no monitoring on a sale-by-sale basis and that could be losing you money.

Implementing a point of sale system that can ensure your employees don’t undersell your products is key to keeping and maintaining a profit. It’s a safeguard that acts like a watchdog for your bottom line.

As if that isn’t enough of a reason, point of sale systems with negotiable pricing features are a great way to track what products you sell, and at what price they generally go for. If you’re a resale store that offers both jeans and slacks, figuring out which one sells at a better price can be hard to figure out if your business is set up with a cash drawer. However, when using a point of sale system, that sort of data is just a few clicks away. Decisions on what you stock and how much can then be backed up by data, instead of just eyeball guesstimates and vague receipts.

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My Employees’ Commission Numbers Are Calculated in a Different Program

Exporting sales from a point of sale or imputing them manually from written records into a program that can calculate your employees’ commission earnings is a pain. Not only does it leave you at risk for a lot of avoidable errors that could end up costing you, but it can also require precious time that could be spent doing other things. With a point of sale that understands commission-based payments, your employees’ earnings are tracked and calculated all within the same system that’s processing the sales in the first place.

Combining both sales and employee pay into one system kills the need for multiple programs and allows you to view your sales and payment numbers all in one place.

Nova Does It All

The simplicity of such an all-encompassing technology sounds nice, doesn’t it? Can you imagine how helpful having all that data, all in one place would be? Well, that kind of system isn’t just a dream. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, either! Nova Point of Sale was built with the specialty retailer in mind. Along with controlled negotiation capabilities and commission tracking, Nova also includes features like a real-time dashboard, inventory management, layaway capabilities, and tons of various reports.So what are you waiting for? Check out Nova’s pricing options or schedule a demo with one of our knowledgeable team members today!

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