Get Prepped for Back-to-School Season

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It’s a time of year that’s both great and insane for the retail industry. Parents are scrambling to get their kids everything from new clothes to pencil cases and backpacks before school starts for the year. In 2017, parents are estimated to spend over $500 per student on average just on back-to-school shopping alone. Even if your business doesn’t sell school supplies, you can still get in on the back-to-school shopping madness. Here’s a few tips and tricks to make sure you’re attracting the crowds this year.

All About the Sales

If there’s one thing that seasonal shoppers are drawn to, it’s sales. Parents are already spending so much on back-to-school supplies, so they’ll appreciate any discount they can get. Over 35 percent of parents said that they look for sales more during back-to-school season than any other time of the year, and about half said that price is the largest determining factor for where they buy. Be sure to consider what products you promote. Since a majority of shoppers looking to save during back-to-school season are parents and kids, choose sale items that are the most attractive to those demographics.

Get Started Early

The best way to attract new customers is to start promoting your “Back to School Specials” early. If you can attract their attention before they turn to big-box or online retailers, you’ll cement yourself at the front of their mind, giving you a better opportunity at closing a deal. RetailMeNot’s recent survey suggest that this year’s back-to-school shopping season will be the longest ever, lasting from the beginning of July to the beginning of September, with peak dates happening during the first two weeks of August and Labor Day weekend. 

Spread the Word

Sales won’t do your business any good if consumers don’t know about it. Use your social media accounts to your advantage by sharing information about any sales, special deals, or extended hours you’ll be offering during back-to-school season. Posting reminders once every day or two can help not only inform your current customers, but will also help new customers find your accounts. If you use Twitter or Instagram, be sure to use related hashtags like #BacktoSchool or #Sale.

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