How to Keep Your Customers Happy

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The world of retail can be an unnerving and tedious place to have a career in.
It can also be a fun and exciting place. It is all dependent upon how you handle the customer.
You are the person the customer will have the most interactions with. So here are 3 simple and unbelievable ways that you can keep your customer happy.

1. Smile all the time.
The reason this is helpful, is because first impressions are everything. If a customer is seeking help and happens to see that the retail associate looks mad or just plain grumpy, they may avoid you altogether. Keeping a smile on your face, will allow you to be more approachable. The customer will not be afraid to ask for help. If you can’t keep the smile on your face, they might want to seek help somewhere else. Some customers will stress out about having to talk to someone in retail. You want to make their day easier and happier, not harder.

2. Be professional and friendly at the same time.
This is actually possible. Once the customer has asked for help, you want to be the friendliest person there is. Sometimes, being friendly can save you from losing a customer. Especially if they have already had a bad experience with your company. Being friendly to the customer will show that you care about their wants and needs. It also will show that you are there to help them and make their life easier.

3. Show compassion.
You never know what is going in your customer’s life. So when they come in and talk your ear off, you still want to show compassion without getting too involved. Surprisingly, they might just need to talk to someone. All you have to do is show interest, be compassionate and stay on track, by finding out what they are looking for. A simple “Before I forget, what are you looking for?” or “I don’t mean to cut you off, but what color did you want?”, can help keep you on track. Many times, they don’t realize how much they are talking. Customers need to know that the person helping them cares, but also would like to help them with their main task.

Even though there are so many ways you can keep your customer happy, these 3 steps are very important. Following them will allow you and your customer to build a relationship. Your smile, friendliness and compassion will help your customer stay with your company.
These steps might seem like they are irrelevant, but they are some of the most important things to remember. You also want to remember that each customer is different, so you might need to adjust these tips to fit each customer. Of course, sometimes there will be a customer who these tips will not work on. Just do your best and keep that smile on your face!

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