Increase Retail Sales with Gift Cards

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Are you using the power of Nova’s gift card feature? It’s easy to increase summer sales with gift cards, right from your point of sale!

Turn impulsive shoppers into repeat customers, increase your average invoice amount and stop more foot traffic with a great incentive!  Nova’s free gift card feature is easy to use and will help you grow your business now and through the holiday season.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how promoting more gift card sales and integrating with your POS will help you generate more sales revenue for your specialty retail business:

55% of gift card recipients require more than one trip to spend the balance.

It’s already hard enough to get traffic to your business, so having a 55% chance that they’ll be back again seems like a no-brainer. This gives you a great opportunity to build up repeat business and another chance to sell to them.

61% of gift card holders spend more than the balance of the card.

To most shoppers, having a gift card is like bonus money. They are very likely to spend more than they normally would on a product or service since they can apply the gift card to the balance–and will pay the difference out of their own pocket. This creates the perfect opportunity to upsell!

And, 75% of those shoppers that overspend will spend 60% more of the value of the gift card.

This 60% really adds up! Think about it.  If a shopper comes to your location in the mall with a $100 gift card, you could actually be ringing up a $160 transaction before they leave. That $60 will quickly add up, and will certainly impact your bottom line.

81% of consumers buy gift cards as birthday presents.

This is a really great opportunity for your retail business. If 81% of consumers are buying gift cards for friends and family, shouldn’t they be buying them from you?! Just imagine if your sales team asked each and every customer to buy a gift card for someone they know. It’s a tremendous opportunity to get new customers and repeat this cycle all over again.

If you focus on the big picture and make a big push on gift card sales this month you can propel your business through the coming months and have an explosive holiday season. Nova POS is the only retail point of sale proven to increase sales by 35% with powerful tools like gift cards. Click below to get a free trial today!


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