How to Prepare Your Business for Back to School

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Is your business ready for Back to School?

BTS shopping has already started to pick up in some parts of the country, but the second-busiest shopping season of the year is about to be in full swing. Before the mad dash to stock up on the latest retail items begins, make sure your business is ready for the crowds.

Here are a few simple ways to make sure you maximize revenue this season:

1. Check the mall or shopping center’s calendar and take note tof any events scheduled between now and September 15th. For example, some states participate in a tax-free weekend, and you can be sure that you’ll need to be prepared for the busy weekend. Take it a step further and use Nova’s CRM feature to send a special email invitation to your customers. Offer a special incentive or discount to drive more foot traffic.

2. Make sure you’r staff is trained and motivated to sell. Take advantage of the surge in customers to maximize your profit by ensuring that your sales team is equipped to close the impulsive shopper. Additionally, create a BTS competition and reward the sales person with the highest revenue, profit margin or number of total transactions.

3. Optimize your inventory. It’s not only important to make sure you have enough product to sell, but also that you have the season’s hottest items on hand. Pull a quick report from the Dashboard to determine what your best sellers are, and make sure they’re in stock. If you’ve got items that are selling slowly (or not at all), go ahead and mark them down so that you can draw foot traffic by promoting a sale.

Make the most of the back to school season by utilizing Nova’s easy-to-use sales tools. Click below for an exclusive infographic to help you increase your sales during the back to school season.


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