Three Ways to Grow Repeat Business

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As retailers, we spend a lot of time seeking out and finding new customers. A lot of effort goes into marketing, as well as focusing on closing impulsive shoppers.  All of that time and energy will be much more worth while if you take it a step further and make sure that they come back and purchase again. If done effectively, repeat business can become a major part of your revenue.

Here are three ways to grow repeat business:

1. Use Nova’s CRM feature.

With Nova Point of Sale, you can build a customer email list, and then use that list to offer incentives for your customers.  Sales, promotions, events and holidays are all great opportunities to invite your customers to visit. Take this a step further by establishing a loyalty program that rewards your retail customer each time they come back.

2. Pay them to come back.

When you complete a sale with a “spare”, give the customer a gift card. It will motivate the customer to come back and spend even more money with your business. (See “Increase Sales with Gift Cards”) Train your sales team on how to do this effectively so that you never miss an opportunity.

3. Encourage personal relationships!

Establishing a personal connection with your customers is one of the best things you can do to grow your business. Give customers your business card and let them know that they can contact you directly. You should also have at least a small website, where customers can learn more about your business and have access to retail deals and promotions. Additionally, a simple invite goes a long way. Pick up the phone and ask them to come by–especially if you’ve just received a new item that you’re sure they’ll love!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can grow repeat business with Nova Point of Sale, request a free demo today!


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